Despite the nonsense spewing out of the mouths of cucked Leftist egalitarians, discrimination is your right and heavenly duty.

We all discriminate in our day to day lives. For example after a long day of litigating affirmative consent papers, I typically end the day in a very celebratory manner by copulating with my young wife, who just turned legal.

By choosing to sleep exclusively with my wife, I inherently discriminate against every other woman in the planet, including #Trigglypuff. Does this make me a racist? No. I am merely exercising a preference.

In an ideal world, establishments would each have their own restroom policy which would cater towards the needs of their customers. Religious institutions like Churches, and Chick-fil-a would no doubt have a sane policy demanding that patrons must use the restroom that they were biologically assigned to, because of course: Genders is NOT a social construct. Whereas cesspools of degeneracy like Planet Fitness, and other gay-bars would have a separate restroom for all 37+ genders. If you disagree with the policy, then leave the establishment like the proud man, woman, or tree that you identify as, and they just lost a customer. But because freedom is a heavily regulated commodity in the United States of Israel, things that the market would easily sort out become politicized…

ENTER: May 9, 2016 (IT’S THE CURRENT YEAR!!1) 

The US Department of social  Justice, decides to sue the state of North Carolina over a non-controversial common sense restroom safety bill:

HB2- A bi partisan common sense proposal that would force sexual deviants, the mentally-ill, and individuals that suffer from an identity crisis (such as Catilyn Jenner) to temporarily acknowledge reality, whenever they step foot inside of a public restroom. It’s not suprising that this would trigger our subhuman friends at the left who somehow hold the position that math is racist.

I hypothesize that the ordeal is a desperate publicity stunt erected by the cucks at the DOJ, who are hellbent on ramping up cultural marxist sentiment before the presidential primaries. Nonetheless, discrimination is a fabulous.

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